Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health Center in Baton Rouge


At Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, we believe that all individuals have the capacity to live well. Our focus is to enable individuals to build upon their strengths and create meaningful lives that enhance their ability to thrive in their work, home and community life.

For those who may be unfamiliar with our work, our mission is to promote, restore, and maintain mental health and wellness through coordinated, integrated, and cost effective services. Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health is located in the beautiful Bocage area in a historic home surrounded by live oaks. JOBH has been the epicenter of mental health for over a decade and is proud to serve the Greater Baton Rouge and surrounding areas by offering a multitude of programs focused on mental health and wellness. Our programs are designed to be flexible in order to accommodate each individual’s treatment needs and concerns.

Typical Jefferson Oaks’ patients are professionals, college students, or other high functioning individuals who are suffering from acute (or sudden short-term) traumatic issues or symptoms. Our programs are designed to improve health and stability in an expedited manner, to give the patient the opportunity to return to his or her life with a sense of empowerment and mental wellness.

Our welcoming staff provides expert care and our high success rates make us the premier recovery center in Baton Rouge. Our multidisciplinary team has helped many individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction and grief make a full recovery and return to leading happy and fulfilling lives.

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Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health accepts most major insurance providers, to provide our community with the mental health and wellness they deserve.

Our Programs and Services:

When surveyed, 98% of clients who completed our program gave Jefferson Oaks a 5 out of 5 in the areas of: improved mood, insight and coping skills, greater sense of purpose and overall wellness. 95% of our clients report that they would return to Jefferson Oaks should they ever have need support and would refer a friend or family member who is in need of treatment.


"Jefferson Oaks is an absolutely wonderful facility with very rewarding programs! The staff is lovely and everything is so well organized. This place changed not only my life but me as a person. Thank you guys for everything!"