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Care Coordination for Mental Health and Wellness in Louisiana

November 30, 2015
There are many factors that contribute to poor clinical outcomes for patients and high healthcare costs. Not having the providers necessary to treat the whole person is one factor. Social determinants of health such as economics, social policies, and politics are another factor. For example, struggling to pay for food and other basic needs certainly can be a barrier for receiving healthcare. A third factor is the absence of coordination of care. rehab center louisiana Coordination of care aims to connect patients with providers and services needed to improve their situations and give them access to the care they need. It is designed to improve outcomes for persons and lower the cost of healthcare by designating a person’s Primary Care Physician (PCP) as the central hub for receiving all medical, substance abuse and mental health records as well as information on other services utilized. Collaboration with an individual’s PCP is beneficial in ensuring that all pertinent health information is communicated so that the person receives the best possible care. To help improve mental health and wellness in Louisiana, we must also recognize the connection between patients' physical and psychological health. Research has shown that more often than not, mental illness and/or substance abuse issues do not occur in a vacuum. Co-occurring medical issues such as neurological problems, heart disease, cancer, physical disabilities, and diabetes often are present and could be contributing factors in a person’s mental health problems. Because mental illness, substance abuse, and medical problems are commonly intertwined, it is important that we coordinate care for our patients with their PCP and/or other providers including outpatient therapists and psychiatrists so that we can provide the best care for our patients. At Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, we understand the important link between coordinating outpatient services and mental health and wellness in Louisiana. Our treatment team works closely with a patient’s other outpatient treatment providers to identify possible gaps in services they are provided. When a gap is identified, for example, if a patient does not have a PCP, a member of our team will connect the patient with the provider. Overcome anxiety at Jefferson Oaks In addition to connecting our patients with outpatient providers, we at Jefferson Oaks also work as a team to identify when additional resources or services are needed and connect patients with these resources or services to improve their quality of life. Our treatment team is dedicated to providing and finding the best care for our patients. We utilize such resources as LA Rehabilitation Services to attain funding for education and find jobs. We collaborate with a patient’s school or employer to obtain a leave of absence or reduce their schedules so that our patients can gain the coping skills they need without worrying that they will lose their job or will not be able to return to school. As mental health and wellness providers in Louisiana, it is the goal of Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health to provide the best care possible. In order to do this, we must maintain coordination of care for every person that we treat. We offer two facilities to serve patients’ mental health and wellness in Louisiana. Our Baton Rouge, LA facility is located at 8318 Jefferson Highway and the phone number is 225-927-5624. In Madisonville, LA, we are located at 141 Fairview Oaks Drive and our phone number is 985-206-3899.  


Adolescent Mental Health Services in Baton Rouge to Address Identity Loss

November 15, 2015
When adolescence comes upon us, there are many things questioned. The biggest question when it comes to adolescence is "Who am I?" This question is constantly being explored as adolescents try new activities and make new friends. This developmental period is heavily influenced by peers. They can become completely immersed with a friend group or a relationship and those opinions are the only ones that matter. They define who they are by their relationships. When adolescents go through transitions, they may lose relationships, which may lead to feelings of not being good enough, inferiority, depression, social anxiety, self-harming behaviors, and suicidal thoughts. Their world can turn upside down and mental health can be compromised. When this occurs, it may be beneficial for parents to consider the adolescent mental health services in Baton Rouge that are available at Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health. anxiety and depression baton rouge The first step in this battle is to understand that an unhealthy relationship consists of defining our self-worth through the words and deeds of others. It may be difficult for adolescents to understand the differences between a relationship that fosters individuality and a relationship that drains a person dry of all of their emotional resources. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, healthy relationships consist of:
  • All parties feeling respected, supported and valued
  • Compromising together
  • Having friends and interests outside of each other
  • Having healthy confrontations
There are numerous options for adolescents to work through these feelings of depression and anxiety. Through receiving specialized adolescent mental health services in Baton Rouge, young adults and teens can get the help needed to learn to find their identity and learn to love their true selves. The process of discovering their true identity can be facilitated through talk therapy, expressive techniques such as art and writing, and animal-assisted therapy. Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health offers adolescent mental health services in Baton Rouge that are tailored to meet the unique development needs of adolescents. Our program consists of group therapy four days a week to process various issues, such as dependence on relationships and identity loss. With the skilled therapists working at Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, adolescents are given the opportunity to explore their emotions and needs in a safe and comfortable environment. Contact our specialists at Jefferson Oaks at 225.927.5624 to learn more about available adolescent mental health services in Baton Rouge that can help guide adolescents to foster an appreciation for themselves through themselves. Our facility is located at 8318 Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge, LA.


Seeking Wellness in Baton Rouge

November 15, 2015

Mental Health and Wellness in Louisiana

Mental health and wellness are vital components of living a purposeful life, based on one’s highest values, and in active pursuit of dreams and goals which are beneficial to ourselves and to those around us. This kind of purpose-driven living is difficult to achieve in the increasingly busy lives that we all lead, and it may be impossible to achieve without our mental health and wellness. Many times life’s challenges can jeopardize our mental health and wellness, which is why possessing healthy copings skills, is so important and necessary. Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health works diligently to provide members of the community in Baton Rouge and Madisonville with healthy coping skills as a part of our mission to increase mental health and wellness in the communities that we serve, and those we hope to serve in the future.   therapy baton rouge therapy madisonville  

Coping Skills for Mental Wellness

Healthy coping skills encouraged at Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health include, but are not limited to, exercise, social connectedness, writing in a journal, allowing yourself to cry if you feel the need to, aromatherapy, listening to music, reading, breathing exercises, and getting in touch with a higher power if you believe in one. These are a few of the many healthy coping skills available which have a positive effect on mental health and wellness. Our trained and professional therapy staff teaches these skills to clients in ways that are relatable and are immediately applicable in our everyday lives.  

Therapy and Outpatient Services in Baton Rouge and Madisonville

Along with a wealth of coping skills, Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health also provides on-site services to our clients. Individual sessions between our trained staff and clients address the issues that can get in the way of mental health and wellness. At the same time, our group therapy in Baton Rouge or Madisonville focuses on a broad array of topics such as assertiveness, relationships, distress and tolerance, and grief and loss. Our therapeutic facilitators use various treatment approaches such as acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy to assist in the growth of clients.   rehab center louisiana   Equally as important, we allow and encourage clients to form a community with other people in the group who may have similar roadblocks on their path to reclaiming their mental health and wellness. In conclusion, Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health promotes the adoption of healthy coping skills that serve the purpose of cultivating improved mental health and wellness in Baton Rouge and Northshore areas.  


Learning How to Set Boundaries at a Mental Health Facility in Baton Rouge

November 5, 2015
therapy baton rouge rehab center madisonville   I think a lot of us have been there, unable to set boundaries and speak assertively with family, friends, and co-workers. In the end, you're stuck feeling unhappy, frustrated, resentful, and alone. The good thing is that setting boundaries can be accomplished easily in just a few steps.  

Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health Center Mission

The mission of Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health is to promote, restore, and maintain mental health and wellness through coordinated, integrated, and cost-effective services. Throughout treatment at Jefferson Oaks you are given a "toolbox" of coping skills to aid in accomplishing your treatment goals, feeling more confident, empowered, and deserving. I would like to point out that you are not alone, the feelings of not wanting to disappoint, hurt, and anger someone are normal. But guess what? You have the power to change things by taking your control back. I'm going to let you in on a few skills taught at Jefferson Oaks with hopes that you feel capable, worthy, and important! Often, setting boundaries is the most effective solution to regain control of a situation.   coping strategies therapy madisonville therapy baton rouge  

Steps for Setting Boundaries

Step 1: Identify what your boundaries are. It is very important to recognize what behaviors are acceptable and those that are not. A lack of awareness and implementation result in poor self-esteem, increased depression & anxiety, as well as co-dependent behaviors.   Step 2: Implementation. Clearly communicate and verbalize boundaries. Yes, there will be individuals who try to make you give in (it's much easier, right?), but stand firm. There will be times where you have to continue to reiterate boundaries but if the struggle continues, take it to the next step.   Step 3: Set Consequences. When you have clearly set boundaries and individuals ignore them, set consequences. Maybe you've heard the saying, "you teach people how to treat you", I agree. If we allow someone to take advantage of us, most times, they will SO say what you mean, and mean what you say. Trust me, it gets easier with time.   Step 4: Repeat previous steps as needed. Boundary setting is one of the many skills taught at Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health. For more information, go to  

LaCrystal McCoy, MA, LPC

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