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How COVID-19 hinders the growth of understanding a misunderstood and discriminated population.

May 12, 2020
The LGBTQ community struggles with similar issues of straight and cisgender population during this COVID-19 pandemic. People are being laid off or having a cut in pay due to limited shifts or opportunity to work, as well as being employed as essential workers who are on the front lines taking care...

COVID-19 vs. Your OCD Symptoms

May 12, 2020
For many people, the COVID-19 pandemic may be specifically impacting your OCD symptoms, including your obsessions and/or your compulsions. If this is the case for you, read on for some specific information based on your subtype. IF YOU STRUGGLE WITH CONTAMINATION FEARS: Give yourself permission...

Anxiety & COVID-19

May 12, 2020
In the world of COVID-19, change and uncertainty impacts every human on earth. On one hand, we know we're all in this together. On the other hand, we may feel alone and isolated. Whether you're an essential worker, working from home, laid off, furloughed, unemployed, learning to be a teacher for...

Coping with Isolation

May 11, 2020
How are you holding up with this quarantine? This is a very common question being asked currently with the events of the COVID-19 pandemic. These circumstances have created a sense of grief and loss on a global scale. Young, old, male, female, introverted, extroverted; everyone has been touched by...

Addiction Recovery During a Pandemic

May 11, 2020
With a population that relies primarily on in-person interactions for accountability and community strength, the current pandemic may be taking a larger toll on this group of individuals. To help, support groups, treatment centers and organizations across the U.S. are adjusting their services to...
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