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The Impact of Social Media on Accelerated Intimacy, Self-Esteem and Boundaries

July 21, 2017
Communication has never been so fast, easy or so destructive. Facebook, Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and text messaging are likely the most common forms of communication used by young people today. Compulsive and uninformed use of social media outlets can lead to an accelerated sense...

Low Self-Reliance in Today’s Twenty-Somethings

June 6, 2017
Author: Kori Gooden, LMSW Given the current economical state, with high interest rates, staggering student loans looming, and a disheartening job market, it’s not difficult to understand why today’s young people are feeling unmotivated. However, there is something to be said about growing...

How to Cope With a Dilemma

March 14, 2017
When we decide to seek treatment, we are often faced with a question or dilemma that may be interfering with our daily functioning. At Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, we often assist patients in developing new strategies to assist them in making difficult decisions. Whether it is relationship,...

Positive Psychology and the Practice of Self-Compassion

February 12, 2016
Positive psychology is an area of study that focuses on the strengths people already have in order to help them cultivate lives that are meaningful, and ultimately lead to fulfillment.  At Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, we help our clients to recognize the positive aspects of their lives...

Effective Communication Between Parents And Adolescents: Outpatient Services in Baton Rouge Can Help

December 30, 2015
It has become increasingly clear that one area of need for mental health and wellness in Baton Rouge lies within the difficulty to navigate the domain of parent-adolescent relationships. As technology and the influence of social media expand at a staggering rate, communication between parents and...
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