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The Role of Motivational Interviewing in Treating Substance Use Disorders at Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health

March 5, 2018
Mustering the courage to seek help for an addiction or a co-occurring disorder is difficult, and the fear of having control taken away can be a barrier to participation in treatment. For this reason, utilizing a gentle, non-direct approach at the initial stages of assessment and treatment is...

A Wish for Wellness & A Wish for a Good Life- A Letter to the New Year

December 21, 2017
In my work as a therapist and program manager for Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, I often work with clients on a task I developed called, “letter to the new year.” There are many parts of this exercise but the focus is on hope and a plan for a good life in the coming year. This time of year...

Expressing Yourself Through Emotions

December 15, 2017
Emotions-we all know what they are, yet, for each of us, a different feeling may come to mind. Some may think of “warm and fuzzy” feelings that make us happy, others may consider their lack of emotion, while some may reflect on the sadness or anger that they do not know how to express. As a...

Teenage Behavior Modification in Baton Rouge

November 30, 2017
It is not uncommon for teenagers and adolescents today to struggle with behavioral and mental health issues. When properly addressed, teens and young adults can live productive, fulfilling lives despite these issues. However, when these behavioral issues are not properly taken care of, the...

The Impact of Social Media on Accelerated Intimacy, Self-Esteem and Boundaries

July 21, 2017
Communication has never been so fast, easy or so destructive. Facebook, Kik, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and text messaging are likely the most common forms of communication used by young people today. Compulsive and uninformed use of social media outlets can lead to an accelerated sense...
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