"JOBH Staff - Thank you for everything! This program is amazing. It has changed me and my life completely! Thank you for being tough on me at times and for helping me re-discover my authentic self. I will miss you very much! Keep up the good work!!!"
"My therapist was amazing. She really helped push me further than I knew I was capable of growing. I have had an awakening that I will never forget."
"Amazing help! It was great to have treatment changed to fit my needs as my needs changed."
"I did have to trust and learn that even though I may not have agreed with some decisions it ended up being for my best interest."
"I just want to say I enjoyed every moment at Jefferson Oaks. I am going to miss everyone here. This place saved my life. Showed me how worthwhile I really am. - Smile"
"This is a great program. I would recommend it to everyone. Thank you very much."
"I really loved art therapy."
"I had an extreme awakening - I truly believe everyone had my best interest in mind."
"I am very happy with Jefferson Oaks. I would recommend this place to others because I have learned very valuable lessons here. Great transfer place from rehab or addiction treatment I feel ready to start putting my life lessons into action."
"I think this really worked! You do a good job and really take care of people."
"Jefferson Oaks treated me like a person and not a number. They put me first and my finances second."
"Everyone was great!"