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Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Center

Nestled among the beautiful oak trees of Jefferson Highway’s Bocage area, Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health is a privately owned facility that has been a leader in the field of treating mental health for south Louisiana since its opening in 2004.  Jefferson Oaks is an accredited program that provides a direct service to those who suffer from a variety of mental health issues. The program is designed to assist those whose mental health needs are severe enough to impact daily functioning, but not so severe as to necessitate 24 hour hospitalization. It is a more independent alternative for the treatment of many mental health issues. Our goal is to provide patients with the structure and necessary tools for stabilization and continued personal growth. We believe that every individual has a right to improved quality of life and through the therapeutic programs, provided by Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, each patient can achieve a more productive and enjoyable life. We treat each person with dignity and respect. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals works cooperatively and consistently with each patient, with total dedication and in the best interest of each person served. Our intensive treatment program is designed to meet the needs of each patient. Our goal is to assist the patient in identifying the roots of their disorder and address the core patterns that have caused continual distress and dysfunction.

Our programs are designed with flexibility so that each patient is given a customized treatment plan to meet his/her specific area of need. The program is designed to provide intensive levels of care in order to facilitate the alleviation of pain and move toward an enriching life. Throughout the treatment program, supportive counseling and transitional services are available as well as aftercare assistance.

Treatment approaches combine several therapeutic techniques including experiential work, didactic and psychotherapeutic. Treatment groups address the following areas of need: Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Substance Abuse, Bi-Polar, Grief/Loss, Mood Disorder, Self Esteem, Somatic Disorders, Eating Disorders and Addictions

We offer a multidisciplinary treatment team including Psychiatrists/Medical Directors, Master’s Level Social Workers, Masters Level Counselors, Program Director, Registered Nurse, Nurse Practitioner and a full-time support staff.


Jefferson Highway Facility

Jefferson Oak Behavioral Health
Jefferson Oak Behavioral Health
Jefferson Oak Behavioral Health
Jefferson Oak Behavioral Health

Strategic Plan Outline:

To promote, restore, and maintain mental health and wellness through coordinated, integrated, and value based treatment services.

Our vision is to promote health, hope and healing through individualized treatment goals and objectives that treat the whole person served. To that end, we maintain a commitment to providing high quality evidenced based treatment in an inclusive environment and culture that promotes comprehensive and integrated care to improve mental health functioning.

Goals include:
Expanding service delivery to specific populations based on needs

Continue to assess and enhance and promote workforce development and satisfaction

Increase diversified revenue streams, mitigate vulnerability risk, achieve more stable and predictable growth.

Promote IT advancements to align with Industry standards and improve services to all stakeholders

Core Values:
Commitment to stakeholders, persons served, staff and community

Providing Person Centered Care

Environment of Accessibility and Inclusion

Maintain program and Business Integrity

Leadership through continual Strategic Planning

Commitment to provide a rich training ground for clinical interns

Commitment to provide persons served with clinicians with expertise in their respective fields