Addiction / Intervention

Jefferson Oaks believes that addictions and substance abuse are directly related to mental health or to lack of healthy coping skills. Sadly, substance abuse in Louisiana is a recurring and ongoing issue affecting many. Through our addiction center, we have built our Dual Diagnosis Program based on the premise that most people who are struggling with addiction are also struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, or other mental health issues. We view and treat addiction as an unhealthy coping mechanism. We are proud to be one of the first dual diagnosis programs in the state, treating addiction as a part of mental health.  Patients are given freedom from substance abuse in Baton Rouge with the services of Jefferson Oaks’ rehab center.

Jefferson Oaks believes that chemical abuse and dependency is one of the most destructive human illnesses. An addiction can result in mental and physical impairment and deterioration in all areas of a person’s life. The impact of addiction typically surpasses that of “the addict” and inflicts severe consequences and pain on family members and friends of the individual. For those trapped in addiction, fear of losing relationships is often the key motivator in seeking treatment. We offer a substance abuse treatment method near you in Louisiana that is a more comprehensive and extensive version of treatment than many other facilities currently offer. We assess and treat all components of the illness, including the individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health — encompassing all areas directly consequential to addiction, as well as the needs of the patient’s family.

Our Dual Diagnosis Program includes both Partial Hospitalization (DDPHP) and Intensive Outpatient (DDIOP) levels of care. Our Louisiana rehab center patients are assessed prior to admit for appropriateness and are given a recommendation for a level of care here or, when not appropriate, a referral for another treatment option. We maintain good working relationships with treatment centers around the country so that we can connect our patients to the treatment option that is the best fit.

Our success rate speaks for itself. Over 80% of our patients that successfully finish our addiction focused Intensive Outpatient Program have sustained sobriety post discharge. Jefferson Oaks offers a highly trained staff to patient ratio of 3:1. The value of this ratio is proven with our client satisfaction and rates of patients success. Our success for treating substance abuse isn’t just confined to our home city of Baton Rouge. We’re proud to have served residents of the communities of Brusly, Prairieville, Greenwell Springs, St. Francisville, as well as the New Orleans, Madisonville, and Slidell communities.

Treatment Modalities

Jefferson Oaks is an accredited (CARF and Louisiana Office of Addictive Disorders) private outpatient mental health facility offering intensive treatment for addictive disorders including all areas of addiction (chemical dependency, prescription abuse, gambling, sex or pornography, etc) in Baton Rouge and around Louisiana.

The dual diagnosis partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient program include the 12 Step model to focus on sobriety and psycho-education but expand beyond the typical AA model to include a comprehensive approach and treatment of the patient’s mental health and history. Our program is approximately 15 weeks long with 3 group sessions per week. We incorporate a multitude of evidenced based treatment approaches to best suit each individual. We strive to provide cutting edge care with addiction treatment, and maintain a status of high success with those individuals who fully complete the program. The substance abuse and addiction treatment program in Baton Rouge is medically monitored by our Psychiatrist with scheduled evaluations and follow up appointments as needed. We also offer free follow up groups for 6 months post discharge.

Intervention Services

Addiction can be a very frightening thing for family members to confront. Often the family and friends of the addicted person have struggled with the question “What can I do?” and “Do I wait until my loved one hits ‘rock bottom’?” Whether it is drug addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling, food, or sex addiction, a professional interventionist plays an integral role in helping you to develop strategies and a plan for treatment for the person in your life afflicted with addiction. Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health Clinic offers highly trained and experienced intervention services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our goal is to educate the family and individual in hopes to help save the life that is so often at risk with the addicted persons.

Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health Clinic utilizes supportive family intervention techniques. The family and loved ones of the client are trained and provided education on the benefits of intervention and treatment. The intervention includes:

  • getting an assessment from the family and friends of the details of the situation
  • going through options for treatment (our staff has an extensive list of treatment centers around the country and beyond that they have visited and/or reviewed thoroughly)
  • discussing and devising a plan of action
  • facilitating the intervention
  • transportation of the person to the treatment facility

We believe that addiction is related to mental health and stems from poor coping skills, so we focus on supportive but strong interventions. We have a success rate of 100% for our interventions accepting treatment.