Adolescent Mental Health Services in Baton Rouge to Address Identity Loss

November 15, 2015
When adolescence comes upon us, there are many things questioned. The biggest question when it comes to adolescence is "Who am I?" This question is constantly being explored as adolescents try new activities and make new friends. This developmental period is heavily influenced by peers. They can become completely immersed with a friend group or a relationship and those opinions are the only ones that matter. They define who they are by their relationships. When adolescents go through transitions, they may lose relationships, which may lead to feelings of not being good enough, inferiority, depression, social anxiety, self-harming behaviors, and suicidal thoughts. Their world can turn upside down and mental health can be compromised. When this occurs, it may be beneficial for parents to consider the adolescent mental health services in Baton Rouge that are available at Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health. anxiety and depression baton rouge The first step in this battle is to understand that an unhealthy relationship consists of defining our self-worth through the words and deeds of others. It may be difficult for adolescents to understand the differences between a relationship that fosters individuality and a relationship that drains a person dry of all of their emotional resources. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, healthy relationships consist of:
  • All parties feeling respected, supported and valued
  • Compromising together
  • Having friends and interests outside of each other
  • Having healthy confrontations
There are numerous options for adolescents to work through these feelings of depression and anxiety. Through receiving specialized adolescent mental health services in Baton Rouge, young adults and teens can get the help needed to learn to find their identity and learn to love their true selves. The process of discovering their true identity can be facilitated through talk therapy, expressive techniques such as art and writing, and animal-assisted therapy. Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health offers adolescent mental health services in Baton Rouge that are tailored to meet the unique development needs of adolescents. Our program consists of group therapy four days a week to process various issues, such as dependence on relationships and identity loss. With the skilled therapists working at Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, adolescents are given the opportunity to explore their emotions and needs in a safe and comfortable environment. Contact our specialists at Jefferson Oaks at 225.927.5624 to learn more about available adolescent mental health services in Baton Rouge that can help guide adolescents to foster an appreciation for themselves through themselves. Our facility is located at 8318 Jefferson Highway in Baton Rouge, LA.