Care Coordination for Mental Health and Wellness in Louisiana

November 30, 2015
There are many factors that contribute to poor clinical outcomes for patients and high healthcare costs. Not having the providers necessary to treat the whole person is one factor. Social determinants of health such as economics, social policies, and politics are another factor. For example, struggling to pay for food and other basic needs certainly can be a barrier for receiving healthcare. A third factor is the absence of coordination of care. rehab center louisiana Coordination of care aims to connect patients with providers and services needed to improve their situations and give them access to the care they need. It is designed to improve outcomes for persons and lower the cost of healthcare by designating a person’s Primary Care Physician (PCP) as the central hub for receiving all medical, substance abuse and mental health records as well as information on other services utilized. Collaboration with an individual’s PCP is beneficial in ensuring that all pertinent health information is communicated so that the person receives the best possible care. To help improve mental health and wellness in Louisiana, we must also recognize the connection between patients' physical and psychological health. Research has shown that more often than not, mental illness and/or substance abuse issues do not occur in a vacuum. Co-occurring medical issues such as neurological problems, heart disease, cancer, physical disabilities, and diabetes often are present and could be contributing factors in a person’s mental health problems. Because mental illness, substance abuse, and medical problems are commonly intertwined, it is important that we coordinate care for our patients with their PCP and/or other providers including outpatient therapists and psychiatrists so that we can provide the best care for our patients. At Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, we understand the important link between coordinating outpatient services and mental health and wellness in Louisiana. Our treatment team works closely with a patient’s other outpatient treatment providers to identify possible gaps in services they are provided. When a gap is identified, for example, if a patient does not have a PCP, a member of our team will connect the patient with the provider. Overcome anxiety at Jefferson Oaks In addition to connecting our patients with outpatient providers, we at Jefferson Oaks also work as a team to identify when additional resources or services are needed and connect patients with these resources or services to improve their quality of life. Our treatment team is dedicated to providing and finding the best care for our patients. We utilize such resources as LA Rehabilitation Services to attain funding for education and find jobs. We collaborate with a patient’s school or employer to obtain a leave of absence or reduce their schedules so that our patients can gain the coping skills they need without worrying that they will lose their job or will not be able to return to school. As mental health and wellness providers in Louisiana, it is the goal of Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health to provide the best care possible. In order to do this, we must maintain coordination of care for every person that we treat. We offer two facilities to serve patients’ mental health and wellness in Louisiana. Our Baton Rouge, LA facility is located at 8318 Jefferson Highway and the phone number is 225-927-5624. In Madisonville, LA, we are located at 141 Fairview Oaks Drive and our phone number is 985-206-3899.