Letting Go in 2019

January 16, 2019
A longstanding Jefferson Oaks tradition, The Letting Go Ceremony, was conducted on New Year’s Eve by JOBH staff and patients. Together the team and patients wrote about issues or concerns that could be inhibiting growth and engaged in a ritual that involves tossing their issues into a fire pit and then a group balloon release.

The experience brings about a range of emotions, but most described a feeling of relief. The ceremony itself is visually inviting and inspirational music can also be played to add another layer that many find soothing.

Letting go involves, letting the past go, knowing you cannot change it. Letting go means forgiving yourself for mistakes. Letting go facilitates trusting the nature of time and leaves room for change. Letting go of the past brings greater awareness and energy to the PRESENT!

This ceremony is intended to begin the year with the idea of a cleansing of thoughts, feelings or habits that are interfering with purpose, happiness and wellness. A letting go ritual is a powerful experience and can truly be done at any time of year. The directives for the experience are enclosed here, for those that may want to add the letting go ceremony to their repertoire of self care.

Identify the issue that has been controlling your life

Identify the benefits that have come from this dominating relationship

Identify the costs that you have paid for allowing this to dominate you

Identify how you will be okay without this controlling your life and make a new commitment to yourself