Public Health and Disaster Preparedness

To assist with the safety of all persons, and in regard to Emergency Disasters, Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, Inc. utilizes the guidance of the Office of the Governor, Office of Homeland Security Emergency Operations Plan with adherence to Internal Drills and Emergency Procedures along with Public preparation, responses and mitigation to protect persons served, personnel and other community stakeholders.

Dissemination of Resource Information to Person Served, Personnel, and Other Stakeholders includes the following:

Access to Disaster Health and Resources for Preparing, Preventing, Responding and Recovery:

Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, Inc., follows all Internal procedures and protocols for Public Health and safety of the persons served, Personnel and other stakeholders. Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, Inc. adheres to guidance provided by the Louisiana Governors Office, Office of Public Health for guidance in regard to all Public Health Emergencies.