Seeking Wellness in Baton Rouge

November 15, 2015

Mental Health and Wellness in Louisiana

Mental health and wellness are vital components of living a purposeful life, based on one’s highest values, and in active pursuit of dreams and goals which are beneficial to ourselves and to those around us. This kind of purpose-driven living is difficult to achieve in the increasingly busy lives that we all lead, and it may be impossible to achieve without our mental health and wellness. Many times life’s challenges can jeopardize our mental health and wellness, which is why possessing healthy copings skills, is so important and necessary. Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health works diligently to provide members of the community in Baton Rouge and Madisonville with healthy coping skills as a part of our mission to increase mental health and wellness in the communities that we serve, and those we hope to serve in the future.   therapy baton rouge therapy madisonville  

Coping Skills for Mental Wellness

Healthy coping skills encouraged at Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health include, but are not limited to, exercise, social connectedness, writing in a journal, allowing yourself to cry if you feel the need to, aromatherapy, listening to music, reading, breathing exercises, and getting in touch with a higher power if you believe in one. These are a few of the many healthy coping skills available which have a positive effect on mental health and wellness. Our trained and professional therapy staff teaches these skills to clients in ways that are relatable and are immediately applicable in our everyday lives.  

Therapy and Outpatient Services in Baton Rouge and Madisonville

Along with a wealth of coping skills, Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health also provides on-site services to our clients. Individual sessions between our trained staff and clients address the issues that can get in the way of mental health and wellness. At the same time, our group therapy in Baton Rouge or Madisonville focuses on a broad array of topics such as assertiveness, relationships, distress and tolerance, and grief and loss. Our therapeutic facilitators use various treatment approaches such as acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy to assist in the growth of clients.   rehab center louisiana   Equally as important, we allow and encourage clients to form a community with other people in the group who may have similar roadblocks on their path to reclaiming their mental health and wellness. In conclusion, Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health promotes the adoption of healthy coping skills that serve the purpose of cultivating improved mental health and wellness in Baton Rouge and Northshore areas.