Social Isolation Treatment in Baton Rouge Behavioral Health Hospitals

December 10, 2015
Social isolation refers to lacking contact with people and society. Social isolation does not discriminate – it can affect anyone regardless of age, but symptoms of social isolation can present differently depending on the age group. It takes similar forms whether the isolation is self-imposed or a historical pattern throughout the life span. social-isolation-baton-rouge-behavioral-health-hospitals

Addressing Depression and Anxiety as a Component of Social Isolation

Psychologically, not communicating with people can have a profound impact resulting in feelings of loneliness, fearing others, and low self-esteem which can produce symptoms of anxiety and depression and make individuals more vulnerable to a diagnosis. Some justify this reclusive behavior as comfortable and relate it to a diagnosis of depression, and diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) has doubled in prevalence in the past decade alone. Social isolation is such an important topic to consider not only in the Baton Rouge area but in humans in general because research has shown that social isolation kills twice as many people than obesity and is equally as stigmatized in modern society. Loneliness not only exacerbates health issues by impairing immune function and increasing inflammation but can increase mortality by as much as smoking. Worse yet, in our modern society where social functioning is judged by how big your friend network online is, loneliness has doubled since the 1980s. Risk is increased with health issues, disabilities, living alone, unemployment, aging, transportation issues, and societal adversity. The population vulnerable to these risk factors is precisely the population that outpatient therapy services at Baton Rouge behavioral health hospitals aim to serve

Group Therapy in Baton Rouge Behavioral Health Hospitals

At Jefferson Oaks, we believe in the healing power of group therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Group therapy is perhaps one of the most effective tools for social isolation and the related anxiety and depression because it incorporates inclusion in a group of other individuals with similar experiences, leading to a sense that they are not alone. This sense of universality often leads to a sense of connectedness, belonging, and acceptance and makes individuals open to receive support and encouragement, the very things that are often lacking in a person who is socially isolating. The behaviors exhibited in groups often mirror events in everyday social situations and give individuals the opportunity to receive feedback. Group therapy also allows group members to see the success of other group members and learn from their healthy coping mechanisms. Perhaps the most substantial benefit of group therapy is adhering to confidentiality and allowing for the group to become a “safe haven” where members can feel comfortable disclosing sensitive information and discussing behaviors and actions within the confines of the group without fear of failure. All of these aspects cumulatively lead to increased self-esteem, confidence, and social skills. Overcome anxiety at Jefferson Oaks Baton Rouge behavioral health hospitals, such as Jefferson Oaks Behavioral Health, offer comprehensive treatment options for depression and anxiety associated with social isolation. Jefferson Oaks utilizes multiple modalities for intervention in an interdisciplinary setting. With two locations to serve the communities of Baton Rouge and Madisonville, Jefferson Oaks is uniquely equipped to handle not only the therapeutic aspect but also the medical aspects of mental health.