Teenage Behavior Modification in Baton Rouge

November 30, 2017

It is not uncommon for teenagers and adolescents today to struggle with behavioral and mental health issues. When properly addressed, teens and young adults can live productive, fulfilling lives despite these issues. However, when these behavioral issues are not properly taken care of, the adolescent afflicted can experience great amounts of pain, anger, and frustration. As a result of this built-up anger and pain, some teens may engage in undesirable behavior that can potentially hurt themselves and those around them. Teens may engage in risky, dangerous activities that include alcohol and drug use, self-harm, criminal activity, and suicide. No parent wants to watch their child suffer while participating in such behavior. If you notice your teen engaging in this type of behavior, your teen may benefit from our Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Programs at Jefferson Oaks.

Teenage Behavior Modification

Behavior modification for teens involves identifying the negative behaviors and eliminating them using both positive and negative reinforcements. The goal is to target and stop negative behavior, while encouraging positive behavior. Modifying this behavior for the better can show significant improvement in the teen’s cognitions, leading them to make good future choices and engage in healthy behaviors and habits.

At Jefferson Oaks, our Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Programs (AdIOP) provide expert, quality mental health care to young adults between the ages of 15-18. These programs serve as an “intermediate” level of care for teens who have needs that do not require hospitalization, but are too complex to be effectively managed in an office outpatient environment. Caring for mental health is crucial, especially for adolescents. Our programs aim to improve the mental health and quality of life for teens, allowing teens to continue healthy, productive lives as engaging members of society. Our programs at Jefferson Oaks aim to stabilize mood, increase insight into core emotional triggers or trauma, and improve coping skills for emotion management.

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